Moving from Roam to Logseq: Dates created/updated mistake

Dear forum,

I am moving from Roam to Logseq. I exported/imported my content via JSON.
So far , so good.

The issue that I have relates to time stamps.
When I open the (Mac) app and head to “All pages”, all (yes, really all) pages show the same time stamp. This time stamp its the time of opening the app.

So “Created At” = “Updated At” = last time I opened the app.

Of course, this is not true.
E.g. a certain page in Roam
was created on November 14, 2021 and
updated on December 12, 2021 but
both dates in Logseq are today’s date = December 15, 2021

When I force-reload Logseq, all timestamps are set to the time of reload.

Has anyone else seen / solved such a strange behavior?

Thanks in advance.

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