Multi window support

Working on different documents at the same time. opening different assets in one monitor and logseq documents on the other.

Yes. Logseq always opens on monitor “1” . Would like the ability for it to open on whichever monitor it was open on previous.

Would this cover the feature of being able to pull out logseq blocks and pages into a separate window, so that we could have one page open on one monitor and another page open on another monitor?

Basically a “open in an external window” option that can be used via right click on any page or block.

I guess, the feature request would compile down to the ability to open a page in a new window

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a new page, an asset or an other graph

The new release which allows “Multi-window support(New shortcut: mod+n to open a new window)” should hopefully resolve this request. Please let me know so that we can close this one. Thanks

I think it does solve it. I am one of the users who have been waiting for this feature, glad to see it implemented.
Will move this to the archive.

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Is that also implemented in the MacOS application? If so, what is the shortcut, I couldn’t find it in the latest version (0.5.6)

Its Command + N. Check out the shortcuts’ page in settings, or use the shortcut g s to open shortcuts settings. Make sure you aren’t in edit mode first by clicking Escape.

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Thanks! Works like a charm!