Nextcloud or other cloud integration for iOS

Hi there, the mobile app currently supports only iCloud (afaik) – yet, when selecting the graph dir, Nextcloud is also listed in Finder, but greyed out.

This is sad, i would like to keep my data under my control, so i would like to kindly request this feature. :slight_smile:

I just started to try Logseq and ran into this issue so I signed up for this forum just to upvote this feature. I noticed that Google Drive is also greyed out.
I get why the devs have done this (to sell us their sync feature that is coming soon) but I also feel sad about this decision.

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Nextcloud support has nothing to do with Logseq pushing their own sync solution. The issue is actually with Apple’s poor documentation around integrating with their files app. This issue has been known for ~3 years now but there hasn’t been a fix put out yet. You can find more information on the Nextcloud iOS app GitHub page:

TLDR: You need to add a specific line in your app’s code to properly integrate with the default files app. Without it, you aren’t able to open an entire folder from a different app, you can only open a specific file. This obviously causes issues since Logseq is looking to open an entire folder.

There are also existing requests for this feature. I would recommend upvoting and discussing there, as it will be easier for the developers to track community interest in a single thread rather than several disparate threads spread across the site :slight_smile:

I use pCloud and like the others it appears on the list under iCloud but is greyed out and can’t be selected.

Did you ever find a way to sync your graphs to pCloud in iOS?

if this issue will be gone nextcloud integration for sync for all platform best solution

upupup! This would be game changer…

if apps like VLC manages to do it i wonder what prevents logseq for doing so …