Nextcloud integration

It would be awesome if one could access their Nextcloud files with a slash command (/nextcloud) and embed them in logseq. Similar to how the Zotero integration is currently implemented.
This, of course, could be enhanced even more to contacts, calendar etc.

Curious what you think!

Also the opposite would be nice: installing Logseq in the cloud as Nextcloud app and use it with files hosted on Nextcloud.


Nextcloud integration would be good. Currently, I find that editing an .md file breaks a Logseq journal file, as all - headings are replaced with *. Could Logseq not accept * headings?

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Until official integration /cloud solution I’m using Nextcloud WebDAV sharing. So WebDAV shared folder is local folder for Logseq. My office Laptop+ homePC + Home Linux Laptop are using same Nextcloud folder shared with WebDAV.

I suppose editing same page simultaneously is not possible this way but on the other hand I’m only at one machine at the time :wink:

Thanks @Vulcan69 - unless you have incomplete edits on more than one device! I’ve started getting loads of edit conflicts in the last couple of weeks accessing Logseq in synced Nextcloud folders on Windows, I’ll try connecting to the share directly using WebDAV. Things seem a bit more reliable on Mac.

To me, synchronizing instances using webdav (which is included in nextcloud) would be awesome!

it would be awesome, the total solution to fix all of my problems