Official, comprehensive list of `config.edn` options

Logseq devs: it would be very helpful if an official, comprehensive, always-up-to-date list of config.edn options could be maintained.

The need for this should be fairly obvious :slight_smile:

Discord message.

Thanks very much!

Fantastic request and completely agree. I always get the feeling I am missing some cool settings when I see messages about the .edn

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Closest thing we have at the moment is this logseq/config.edn at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub

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@Aryan, thanks, that is very helpful, and could be what we are looking for. Some questions:

  • How comprehensive would you say that template is?
  • How up to date is it kept?
  • If I start a new graph, will the config.edn be a exact copy of that template? (That way, users don’t have to hunt for config.edn options and documentation)
  • I see :feature/enable-block-timestamps? false for example doesn’t have documentation in comments. Would be great if that could be added.

Thanks again.

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  1. fairly comprehensive, it has most if not all
  2. updated almost every time a new option is added
  3. It will be the same, yes
  4. Definitely would be useful
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copy pasting a related post from discord (01/03/2022) :

The config.edn template workflow has always bothered me : newer settings introduced with a new logseq version can’t be seen in existing graphs as the config.edn can’t be updated automatically.

Currently the only way to ‘update’ a config.edn with new settings is by checking changelogs, then manually comparing with the current github source, or by creating a new empty graph to generate a new default config.edn, then compare/edit.

There should be a way to automatically get new available setting/config options after an update.

short-term / medium-term proposal :

Maybe there should be a separate config.edn and a config-user.edn similar to style.css vs custom.css ? or similar to how config files are set-up in sublimeText or VSCode (default settings, user settings, workspace settings) :

  • the default config.edn would contain all available options + comments and gets updated automatically, user is not supposed to edit it manually.
  • the config-user.edn would override contents of config.edn and contains specific user-settings that differ from the default of config.edn, journal queries, etc…

I realize this is only a short-term/medium-term solution that is not great in terms of user-friendliness/ux,

long term / ideal solution :

ideally a GUI should handle all options, with maybe an additional freeform textarea for advanced users who want to manually add specific flags/overrules (similar to a custom.css textarea in most website builders) .
Users should not have to edit config.edn at all, only add additional settings via the textarea.


Unfortunately the list does not include DWIM settings:

   :admonition&src?  true
   :markup?          false
   :block-ref?       true
   :page-ref?        true
   :properties?      true
   :list?            true
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Not official, but I manually created this: dotfiles/config.edn at master · kaushalmodi/dotfiles · GitHub

The default configs are commented out.


@noted Hi. logseq/config.edn at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub is the comprehensive list of config options. See for more more documentation on configuration

@Ed_Nico Good catch. I’ve opened Chore: Document config introduced in #2975 by logseq-cldwalker · Pull Request #6484 · logseq/logseq · GitHub to document this missing config

@cannibalox That’s an insightful comment but would be better in Store config.edn modifications in a separate file . I’ll be commenting over there for how to keep up to date with config options

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