Phase Out config.edn

This has been mentioned by @cannibalox here, but I felt this request should have its own topic since it seems like an important one to me. The main user interface for settings is clearly a better and more user-friendly solution than giving users the option to open and edit config.edn. It is confusing and redundant to include both. Also, the “customize shortcuts” settings menu is excellent and should fully replace the corresponding option in config.edn (as opposed to config.edn updating to stay in sync with it). should fully replace opening and editing config.edn as the way for end users to customize shortcuts.

In short, there shouldn’t be anything that config.edn can do that isn’t included in the settings interface. Then the option to open/edit config.edn can be removed.

Everything that you change in logseq settings is stored in config.edn. It’s quite literally a storage file for the settings. That’s why you can’t decouple the keyboard shortcuts settings from it.

Got it, so another way of putting that is that any setting modified in the UI will also be reflected in config.edn. What I am asking for is, for any setting that can be modified via config.edn, the ability to also modify it via the UI settings. That way, the need to open config.edn to modify settings will be largely obsolete and the “edit config.edn” button can be removed from the settings menu.

Also I realize what I said about “customize shortcuts” was confused and confusing. Thanks for clarifying. I have edited the original request to make things clearer.

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