Official, comprehensive list of `config.edn` options

Logseq devs: it would be very helpful if an official, comprehensive, always-up-to-date list of config.edn options could be maintained.

The need for this should be fairly obvious :slight_smile:

Discord message.

Thanks very much!

Fantastic request and completely agree. I always get the feeling I am missing some cool settings when I see messages about the .edn

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Closest thing we have at the moment is this logseq/config.edn at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub

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@Aryan, thanks, that is very helpful, and could be what we are looking for. Some questions:

  • How comprehensive would you say that template is?
  • How up to date is it kept?
  • If I start a new graph, will the config.edn be a exact copy of that template? (That way, users don’t have to hunt for config.edn options and documentation)
  • I see :feature/enable-block-timestamps? false for example doesn’t have documentation in comments. Would be great if that could be added.

Thanks again.

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  1. fairly comprehensive, it has most if not all
  2. updated almost every time a new option is added
  3. It will be the same, yes
  4. Definitely would be useful
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copy pasting a related post from discord (01/03/2022) :

The config.edn template workflow has always bothered me : newer settings introduced with a new logseq version can’t be seen in existing graphs as the config.edn can’t be updated automatically.

Currently the only way to ‘update’ a config.edn with new settings is by checking changelogs, then manually comparing with the current github source, or by creating a new empty graph to generate a new default config.edn, then compare/edit.

There should be a way to automatically get new available setting/config options after an update.

short-term / medium-term proposal :

Maybe there should be a separate config.edn and a config-user.edn similar to style.css vs custom.css ? or similar to how config files are set-up in sublimeText or VSCode (default settings, user settings, workspace settings) :

  • the default config.edn would contain all available options + comments and gets updated automatically, user is not supposed to edit it manually.
  • the config-user.edn would override contents of config.edn and contains specific user-settings that differ from the default of config.edn, journal queries, etc…

I realize this is only a short-term/medium-term solution that is not great in terms of user-friendliness/ux,

long term / ideal solution :

ideally a GUI should handle all options, with maybe an additional freeform textarea for advanced users who want to manually add specific flags/overrules (similar to a custom.css textarea in most website builders) .
Users should not have to edit config.edn at all, only add additional settings via the textarea.


Unfortunately the list does not include DWIM settings:

   :admonition&src?  true
   :markup?          false
   :block-ref?       true
   :page-ref?        true
   :properties?      true
   :list?            true
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Not official, but I manually created this: dotfiles/config.edn at master · kaushalmodi/dotfiles · GitHub

The default configs are commented out.


@noted Hi. logseq/config.edn at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub is the comprehensive list of config options. See for more more documentation on configuration

@Ed_Nico Good catch. I’ve opened Chore: Document config introduced in #2975 by logseq-cldwalker · Pull Request #6484 · logseq/logseq · GitHub to document this missing config

@cannibalox That’s an insightful comment but would be better in Store config.edn modifications in a separate file . I’ll be commenting over there for how to keep up to date with config options

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@cldwalker I scraped the logseq discord server messages to try to find all mentions of configuration options. I have cleaned up the list, but I expect that there are many false positives.
Note that this list will contain a combination of:

  • global graph config
  • local graph config
  • page config
  • block config

None of these config options exist in the config template, as I already filtered them out.

I’ll need some time and assistance to split these into the categories mentioned above and remove the false positive ones.


































































all config options defined in the config.edn template:

 :meta/version 1
 :preferred-format ""
 :preferred-workflow :now
 :hidden []
 :default-templates {:journals ""}
 :ui/enable-tooltip? true
 :ui/show-brackets? true
 :ui/show-full-blocks? false
 :feature/enable-block-timestamps? false
 :feature/enable-search-remove-accents? true
 :feature/enable-journals? true
 :feature/enable-flashcards? true
 :feature/disable-scheduled-and-deadline-query? true
 :start-of-week 6
 :custom-css-url "@import url('');"
 :export/bullet-indentation :tab
 :publishing/all-pages-public? true
 :default-home {:page "home" :sidebar ["page a" "page b"]}
 :pages-directory "your-directory"
 :journals-directory "your-directory"
 :org-mode/insert-file-link? true
 :shortcuts {}
 :shortcut/doc-mode-enter-for-new-block? false
 :block/content-max-length 10000
 :ui/show-command-doc? true
 :ui/show-empty-bullets? false
 :query/views {:pprint (fn [r] [:pre.code (pprint r)])}
 query/result-transforms {:sort-by-priority (fn [result] (sort-by (fn [h] (get h :block/priority "Z")) result))} 
 :default-queries {}
 :commands [] 
 :outliner/block-title-collapse-enabled? false
 :macros {}
 :ref/default-open-blocks-level 2
 :ref/linked-references-collapsed-threshold 50
 :favorites []
 :srs/learning-fraction 0.5
 :srs/initial-interval 4
 :block-hidden-properties #{:created-at :updated-at}
 :block-hidden-properties #{}
 :property-pages/enabled? true
 :property-pages/excludelist {:duration :author}
 :property/separated-by-commas #{:alias :tags}
 :ignored-page-references-keywords #{"author" "startup"}
 :mobile/photo {}
 :mobile {:gestures/disabled-in-block-with-tags ["kanban"]}
 :editor/extra-codemirror-options {:keyMap "emacs" :lineWrapping true}
 :editor/logical-outdenting? true
 :editor/preferred-pasting-file? true
 :quick-capture-templates {}
 :quick-capture-options {:insert-today? false :redirect-page? false}
 :file-sync/ignore-files []
 :dwim/settings {}
 :file/name-format :triple-lowbar

Thanks to the tip from @cldwalker

I believe I got the complete list by parsing the source code using Regex;
Mainly state.cljs and common_config.cljs.

@cldwalker can you please confirm the value format of:

  • :editor/command-trigger :string
  • :shell/command-allowlist [:vector :string]
  • :arweave/gateway :string
  • :user-config :string

List of config options and their expected values:

:meta/version :int

:preferred-format [:or :keyword :string]
:preferred-workflow [:enum :now :todo]

:hidden [:vector :string]

:default-templates [:map-of [:enum :journals] :string]

:ui/enable-tooltip? :boolean
:ui/show-full-blocks? :boolean

:feature/enable-block-timestamps? :boolean
:feature/enable-search-remove-accents? :boolean
:feature/enable-journals? :boolean
:feature/enable-flashcards? :boolean
:feature/disable-scheduled-and-deadline-query? :boolean
:feature/enable-whiteboards? :boolean

:org-mode/insert-file-link? :boolean

:start-of-week [:enum 0 1 2 3 4 5 6]

:custom-css-url :string
:custom-js-url :string

:export/bullet-indentation [:enum :eight-spaces :four-spaces :two-spaces :tab]

:publishing/all-pages-public? :boolean
:publishing/enable-editing? :boolean

:arweave/gateway :string

:default-home [:map [:page {:optional true} :string] [:sidebar {:optional true} [:or :string [:vector :string]]]]
:pages-directory :string
:journals-directory :string
:whiteboards-directory :string

:org-mode/insert-file-link? :boolean

:shortcuts [:map-of :keyword [:or :string [:vector :string]]]
:shortcut/doc-mode-enter-for-new-block? :boolean

:block/content-max-length :int

:ui/show-command-doc? :boolean
:ui/show-empty-bullets? :boolean
:ui/show-full-blocks? :boolean

:query/views [:map-of :keyword [:sequential any?]]
:query/result-transforms [:map-of :keyword [:sequential any?]]

:default-queries [:map [:journals [:vector :map]]]

:commands [:vector [:tuple :string :string]]

:outliner/block-title-collapse-enabled? :boolean

:macros [:map-of :string :string]

:ref/default-open-blocks-level :int
:ref/linked-references-collapsed-threshold :int

:favorites [:vector :string]

:srs/learning-fraction float?
:srs/initial-interval :int

:block-hidden-properties [:set :keyword]

:property-pages/enabled? :boolean
:property-pages/excludelist [:set :keyword]

:property/separated-by-commas [:set :keyword]

:ignored-page-references-keywords [:set :keyword]

:logbook/settings :map

:mobile/photo [:map [:allow-editing? {:optional true} :boolean] [:quality {:optional true} :int]]

:mobile [:map [:gestures/disabled-in-block-with-tags {:optional true} [:vector :string]]]

:editor/extra-codemirror-options :map
:editor/logical-outdenting? :boolean
:editor/preferred-pasting-file? :boolean
:editor/command-trigger :string

:quick-capture-templates [:map [:text {:optional true} :string] [:media {:optional true} :string]]
:quick-capture-options [:map [:insert-today? {:optional true} :boolean] [:redirect-page? {:optional true} :boolean]]

:file-sync/ignore-files [:vector :string]

:dwim/settings [:map-of :keyword :boolean]

:file/name-format [:enum :legacy :triple-lowbar]

:shell/command-allowlist [:vector :string]

:journal/page-title-format :string
:journal/file-name-format :string

:date-formatter :string

flashcards? :boolean

:scheduled/future-days :int

:start-of-week [:enum 0 1 2 3 4 5 6]

:user-config :string

  • TODO: make sure all are documented
  • TODO: update the confing template
  • TODO: refactor common_config.cljs to match the order of state.cljs
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according to :point_up_2: :date-formatter is deprecated

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Here is a PR that adds the missing configurations to the config.edn template:

Happy to announce that after a lot of work and effort, we now have a comprehensive well document and formatted config.edn template.

Thanks to everyone who helped.