Option to toggle blocks between MD and WYSIWYG modes

I like to click through blocks as I read them. But it is distracting when clicking on a block shows all hidden markdown syntax such as the “**” around bold text. This really gets in the way of the flow when reading through my notes. I really wish there was an option to toggle between MD viewing and WYSIWYG viewing (or set the default viewing mode).

Would this be something like a “read only” mode?

This could also be useful to prevent pages to be altered by accident if this would be a per-page-setting.

So, are there certain pages where you have put information in and you don’t plan to change them soon - but come back to read them?
Or do you want to put all LOGseq pages into this mode at the same time - also those you are currently working with?

Presumably you would also get distracted by links ‘hidden’ in [text](URL) constructs too @Joe_Kaczmarski ? (It may interest you to know that the ‘MD’ view isn’t completely raw: there are many hidden - for reasons in this megathread: Allow non-outline (freeform) text)

Have either of you tried Obsisian? I personally quite like their raw markdown / rendered markdown (non-interactive) views, which are toggled with ctrl+e.

A workaround that may be acceptable to you is to use the up/down arrow keys to move between blocks in navigation mode. Press esc key to go out of block edit mode, into navigation mode where the current block in with grey background.