Order of filtered results changes constantly

Hi Logseq community!

When I filter my TODOs I get a list that constantly changes its order. I’ve tried adjusting the config file, but not success. Here images of two states a few seconds apart and a snapshot of my config file:


Thanks for any help!

Should sort-by something meaningful. The current query tries to sort by :block/priority, which is not currently used in your blocks, so it falls back to some arbitrary internal order.

Hi @mentaloid, many thanks for your reply. Do you have any suggestion or reference to modify the code?

You are confusing two things.
What you are showing as the data are the linked references for the page TODO.
The config you are showing is for use in queries.
These are two unrelated things.

For linked references there are currently no sorting options. See feature request linked by mentaloid.

To have total control over sorting you will have to build a query to get the result you wish for. Plenty of examples on the forum for that.
Could start with the link mentaloid shared.
Or explore this giant topic :slight_smile:

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