Sort linked references

It would be super helpful to be able to sort linked references in chronological order - with the most recent linked references on the top.

Example: On a page, “Apple”, when I look at linked references, it would be great to see all the times I tagged [[Apple]] beginning with the time I most recently tagged [[Apple]].

If this is already a thing and I am silly, please let me know. I am coming from Roam where this happened automatically.

Do you mean chronological or reverse-chronological? By default, Logseq shows references in reverse-chronological (most recent first).

I agree that it would be very helpful to have the option to reverse this into true chronological order when required, especially to follow thoughts as they occurred in time.

Unfortunately, it does not show linked references reverse-chronological (most recent first) unless the tag was made on the daily journal page.

That’s what I want it to do (I honestly don’t care if it’s reverse chronological or chronological, as long as it’s not thrown in a seemingly random order)

I wish it showed the most recent tag first regardless of what page/block the tag was added to.

Right. I see what you mean. I was just looking at journal entries.

I’m shocked that there’s no logic to the order of references to pages. That seems like a big oversight.

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Upvoting! It’s a pain to have to filter to find what I’m looking for.

upvoting. this is really a pain point