Page rename does not work on MacOS (both electron and web app)

Renaming a page used to work fine in version 0.4.2 but ever since the 0.4.3 update, it stopped working completely. When renaming a page using the new way, the page will show the changed name but the linked references are not updated accordingly. More importantly, after returning to the journal and going back to the same page, the new name disappears completely and the page reverts back to its old name. The same bug is still present in the 0.4.4 update.

Video of the bug in question:

Probably related to this bug…

Did you updated to 0.4.4 ? It seems to solve that problem …

Yes, I updated it to 0.4.4 but still got the same bug. Here’s a video of me reproducing the bug on 0.4.4

This is the error I got while trying to rename a page in 0.4.4

I noticed that the error occurs only when trying to rename pages with Nested Tags/Pages in them. For example, the new rename functionality would work to rename [[Hello]] but not [[Hello [[World]]]]