[Partial Done] Add tabbed windows to desktop client / Multiple instances of Logseq

Tabs are an incredibly useful way of quickly navigating content, as shown by all modern browsers. Web Logseq can use browser tabs, but we also would benefit from (optional) tabbed windows in the desktop client. This would be in addition to multi-windowed split modes that are currently being developed and that are being discussed here.

I mianly use windows app

I need to edit multiple pages at the same time, I need to cross-compare the content of several pages.
This is very natural in the case of web browser.

Now I has to use obsedian to help achieve the effect
But I thinks tab are really need in windows version, side bar is not enough

For the sake of implemention, I think allowing multi-open windows app could just solve the problem


To be honest, I have done well without it until now. The possibility of stacking several pages in the sidebar is really handy.

But I guess that tabs would be helpful the more information I collect in LOGseq.

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I’d still propose something like this…

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This would allows:

Open different local graph at the same time
Open different pages of same graph at the same time, which will achieve the same effect of adding tabs but easier to implement.
(Add tabbed windows to desktop client / Multiple instances of Logseq - #2 by Bruce_Guo)

I really need this, right now I have to use obsidien along side logseq


The right sidebar is great, but when I need to quick refer to a page with full-width window, I hope can open those pages in new windows of desktop app, so that I can switch quickly between windows.

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There is a plugin for multiple tabs https://github.com/pengx17/logseq-plugin-tabs. Also you can activate Developer Mode in Settings and Additional Menu “Plugins” will appear and you can install in from there


I need this to view multiple pdf documents as well!


The lack of multiple windows is preventing me from really moving into Logseq. I use Spaces (aka Mission Control) on Mac to separate all my projects, and not being able to have my project specific notes open on each Space is a complete non-starter.


tienson mentioned it here Discord

Currently, the databases (cache) are stored in IndexedDB, and logseq will restore all the databases when starting, which makes it hard to have multiple windows.
We plan to fix this by storing the cache on the disk and only loading one graph each time.

Hope they will implement that soon.


Is a workaround (albeit read-only) to publish with the local webserver feature so you can open multiple PDF documents that way?

I appreciate the suggestion, but personally I need the ability to view and edit dozens of notes at a time.

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Give them a few more weeks. They’re already looking into making multiple instances of Logseq in the latest nightly build. Probably take a few more iterations to be stable.

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I think this is now possible through the open “New Window” option - can you please confirm if this resolves this request? Thanks


“Tabs” are different than a whole new instance of the app.

This is how Craft Docs implements this:

But, ironically, Craft doesn’t have a “sidebar” feature like Logseq and Roam have. Sooooo essential!

You can try using this plugin:

I’m using Logseq 0.6.6 on Mac OSX High Sierra.

New Window Menu item works perfectly on Mac. Great to have two different graphs side by side.

Many thanks

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May mark this as a “Done” feature? @Ramses

The new window takes ages to open and anyway is a workaround, “tabs” is another thing.

About the plugin, is not well integrated and doesn’t follow the theme.

In my opinion it’s odd that Logseq has many advanced features that normally would be plugins (flashcards, PDF annotation, slideshow, task management…) but for essential UI things like tabs it relies on plugins…

That’s an opinion. Tabs and multiple windows is not how Logseq is intended to be used. We have the sidebar, which allows you to drag blocks between pages. That’s not possible with tabs nor multiple windows, and there are reasons it doesn’t work that way.