Personal Knowledge Graphs

Personal Knowledge Graphs is relatively new but very powerful concept
We have a good and powerful tools in logseq like databases with granularity of pages and blocks but we overlook power of links.
If we will add the ability to add metadata and captions to a links and add a bit of capability to display metadata on graph view - we jump to a completely new Knowledge Management space.

Sorry but this request sounds a bit redundant and more vague if compared to another one by you, where I pointed out that properties are already labels for links:

If you want labels on edges on graph view, I think it is covered by this request:

If you don’t like properties and their syntax, here I proposed a syntax for inline properties that should fit your concept of links with a label:

You know what would be useful? If the graph view had a button to toggle all the edges except the ones made with page properties. That way the graph view would be less of a mess, the user would have full control of the relations and it would make sense to display labels on all the edges. I think I will open a feature request, I haven’t seen anything like that so far.

Edit, done:

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