Pin embedded video bullets / Better resize on embed videos (youtube especially)

I think Logseq is currently not taking advantage of screen size in some cases.
For videos, a better use of space for viewing is a must.

It would be great to have an option to at least customize the embed size or some predefined sizes.

And as a future implementation, an option to pin the bullet where the video is so it doesn’t disappear of the screen while taking long notes or creating too many bullets.

Perhaps another implementation for videos would be to work similarly to PDFs files, which opens laterally on the left, while it is possible to annotate on the other part of the screen.

It would be great if a video embed was responsive rather than having set dimensions (so it would expand in wide mode). If you toggle Developer Tools (in View menu), you can use the element selection tool (top left) to find the embed and adjust the height of the iframe. So this is definitely possible.

Fingers crossed it can be fixed soon as the default letterboxed dimensions are frustrating.

Another issue that will get worse if this is “fixed” is the video scrolling off-screen after a decent amount of notes are accumulated underneath. Perhaps in the future it will be possible to have a video in a floating window with timestamped notes still linked in the main window.

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Yeah sometimes I am taking notes on a video in Logseq, but the video window is too small and I can’t read something on the screen. Would be great to be able to resize it easily.