"Please choose valid directory" issue on iPhone

Can you please explain the scenario on iOS when trying to open a new graph it only lets you open a folder that has the Logseq icon?

In my case I’ve created a graph on desktop and saved it to a folder which I share with my iPhone via the Syncthing service. My desktop Logseq app can open that folder, but when I try open that folder from Logseq on my iPhone I’m told to choose a valid directory?

How do I work around this?

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I don’t use Syncthing, but a part of that is because I did not think it was even available in the App Store?

In any case, there is no way to get around the iOS requirement that your Logseq graph be stored in the Logseq icon folder. Apple sandboxes apps as a security measure, and I don’t think there’s any way around it without voiding your warranty.

In general, the preferred method is syncing with Git, avoiding any cloud service.

Most people use the Git Sync 101 guide which advises iOS users to get Working Copy, but if $20 isn’t worth it (I balked for days, then caved after remembering worse spends) there is also this free, if more technical, git method for iOS using a-shell.

met the same problem, have you solved it :sob:

My understanding is that the Logseq sync works, but I have the same issue. The desktop app opens the remote graphs but when you try to open a remote graph on ipad it asks for a valid folder. I choose the folder with the logseq logo on it and it gives a bunch of errors saying that files already exist.