Provide option to disable "lazy-load"

Currently there is no such option for we user to disable lazy-load.

I have to admit lazy-load is an amazing feature that improve the software performance but currently it is sometimes annoy me…

For example when i try to edit the last two rows, it will fold automatically… I unfold it and try to add it again. Same thing happened. I know it’s a bug but I wonder is it possible to give us an option to disable that feature before the bug got fixed?

What’s lazy-load? Rows in a table?
I think I’m missing something here

If you have a long page with lots of bullets it can become slow to load. The Devs introducted lazy load which leads the page section by section which results in much faster performance.

The issue is that when you are working on the page. Lazy load can get in the way but having to render before you can do anything and if you undo or scroll to another section to then go back, you need to wait for it to render

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Improve long page editing performance by tiensonqin · Pull Request #3855 · logseq/logseq (

this is a feature to improve page performance. it will only render at most N bullets. then when user scroll to the bottom of the page, it will render the next N.

Thx. will try to wait for longer time :joy:

If there are potential bugs i will record a video and post it here for reviewing.

Ah yes, I’ve seen that.

Interesting. I actually think that this lazy-loading introduces more problems than it solves. It may be faster for the initial loading. But when I’m trying to get to lower parts of the page, it takes forever to scroll and wait and scroll and wait. And then if I go to another section or another note and come back, the long note isn’t cached and I have to start all over again.

I agree, lazy loading is not great. I think it needs more polish before it’s useful.


I need this. I helped a friend switch to logseq but he needed large documents. Using table of contents addons would win him over but the lazy loading makes clicking on the links generated broken (clicking does nothing).

I you want to know more: page link don't work until loaded because of lazy loading · Issue #31 · sethyuan/logseq-plugin-tocgen · GitHub

Huh, I don’t know if there have done some work with lazy-loading but the performance is dramatically better for me with Version 0.8.5. And there’s even a “scroll to bottom” button that I didn’t notice before.


Related problems caused by lazy-load is usually annoying :joy:

the performance is dramatically better for me with Version 0.8.5

actually, no, just as slow as before.

Looking at the issues on GitHub tagged with lazy-loading, it’s clear that these issues are common. I’d like to +1 the ability to disable it. Logseq is a huge boon to my productivity, but blocks that autoclose even when typing is nearly a blocking issue.

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