Publish Android Beta app to Play Store

First, I would like to thank you for the fantastic job the Logseq team is doing. I love using your application on my computer. However, I wish I could also use it on my Android phone.

In my case, and perhaps for others as well, this is unfortunately not currently possible. My employer enforces my participation in the Advanced Protection Program, which means I cannot install apps on my smartphone from outside the Play Store. However, there is currently no way to install Logseq on Android smartphones other than from untrusted sources.

Here comes my earnest request - would you be so kind as to publish Logseq in the Play Store right now? I know that the app is still in a beta state, but the Play Store allows the app to be published as an open test.

Same here:

Also wondering this, for the same reason.
The iOS app has been published for quite a while now…