Query to find TODOs with my name?

Since this query does not work as a simple query:
{{query (and "myName" (todo waiting doing)) }}

see here:

I wanted to ask if this could be done as an advanced query?
Find all todos with the status “todo, waiting or doing” that contain the word “myName”.


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A work around would be to tag those todos with your name ChrisVN. Either in hash form #ChrisVN or wikilink form [[ChrisVn]]. Then this simple query should work. Tested on v0.3.2.

{{query (and (todo waiting doing) [[ChrisVN]]) }}
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Thank you, that is actually something I am doing. Todos that are assigned to people get the link to [[Name Tasks]] instead of just the name.

This even makes a dedicated query unnecessary, because you then simply have the list of todos per person on that page under linked references.

The query would be meant to check whether my name was used in the rush of the moment in a todo without making a page link.

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