Support for plain text search in simple queries

Eg blocks:
TODO car wash
NOW do car oil change

Requesting the ability to search for all tasks that have the word car in them. Something like:
query (and "car" (todo NOW LATER TODO WAITING))

github request

@tienson says:

tienson Today at 12:22 AM

yes, it’s not supported yet, because full-text search in the database can be slow when there’re many blocks. But I think it can be resolved by getting the result of (todo NOW LATER WAITING) and do the full-text search then. Will give this a try, please file an issue on GitHub.


Thank you for the request. I was about to ask the same question.

It is not so easy to understand how the queries work and which combinations are not (yet) possible.

This feature would be extremely useful to find TODOs that contain your name, for example.