Realtime sync via ipfs

Just a preview of crdt based “soft realtime” sync via bygonz ipfs pubsub.
Screencast from 2022-11-16 19-40-09

anyone curious ?

Looks great! Is there a demo or a link to give this a try!

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soon… its just a teaser (still too many hacks at the moment)


the setup is still too complicated to suggest that you give it a try, but we (@tennox and i) have tree sync working now nearly mvp alpha status.

Smooth UX will depend on this PR Add option to insert block without focusing it afterwards by tennox · Pull Request #7361 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

so accelerated merge on that will be much appreciated!


Great to hear that it’s close to mvp alpha.
The PR has been merged.

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nice! thanks for the quick replies!!

Another PR that will help us reach mvp:


I’m VERY interested. Not sure how I feel about IPFS (my experience even trying to share a file between computers on the same network has been very bad), but CRDT always sounds nice and could have potential for other syncing applications.

It would be nice to get something that can be tried out! What’s generally needed to set this up? Can I use it with my phone?


Phone, not yet… We need up votes on logseq plugins in the mobile apps.

We are thinking of adding that functionality to our fork if the Logseq team doesn’t prioritize adding it.

At the moment there is no release build possible, so to try it out needs a full dev setup with three interdependent repos arranged in specific relative paths and an active ipfs node with experimental pub sub enabled. It’s ok as a dev setup (we have watch and auto build and hot reload working) but it is way too involved even for extremely geeky end users.

I plan to keep this thread updated as we progress…

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What is the consistency model of the official Logseq sync?

To be honest the current consistency model sounds rather scary:

At the moment, it’s important to keep an eye on the sync status. When you open Logseq, let it first sync before starting to type. Otherwise, you might run the risk of overwriting notes in the cloud. That’s because currently, Sync works different from Git; it does not compare pages. Instead, it syncs the entire page containing the most recent changes.
In case you do find yourself overwriting a remote change by accident, no worries. Logseq Sync keeps a page history for up to a year.

especially scary:

run the risk of overwriting notes in the cloud

I hope and assume that the team is working on better solutions, but i don’t know for sure.


Our solution will use atomic attribute by attribute datalogs and situation flags to provide reliable syncing and sharing of specific block trees.

What’s the algorithm (for the CS professor)?

For a great high-level summary of different techniques for data convergence, see Research for Practice: Convergence | November 2022 | Communications of the ACM (sorry, paywall). It references:

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I don’t know for sure about the algo for the Logseq official sync… But it seems to be a very simple full page, LWW. Last write wins

@tennox and i are using logseq as a playground for developing bygonz. It’s rather early alpha, so our Algos are still wip.

I was just now reviewing this list of datatypes:

In the way you’re using the term Algo each of those datatypes has an Algo behind it, right?

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We are looking to establish functional bi-temporality, by tracking both:

  • “as of” local transaction times
  • “based-on” previous relevant atom or tx hash

Having both will help flag situations that require automatic and or manual merging.

We are not academic Computer scientists. Rather far from it actually. But we are passionate hackers who love decentralization, local first, far-edge, p2p, and privacy first…

@Ken_Arnold if you (or anyone else reading this) would like to have a video call about crdt design and development, I’m game.

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I actually intended my question more for the logseq devs than for you, who seem to know what you’re doing — looks cool.

It looks like devs are thinking about CRDT but I haven’t found any details beyond some discord chats like Discord … I’m concerned about this for logseq as a platform: concurrency isn’t something you can just bolt on, it needs to inform the architecture, and the experience with the official sync isn’t promising.

Yeah, i got that… But i think maybe starting a new thread in questions section or asking directly on discord could help. I am also curious for the answer, and our concerns are quite justified, i think.

Thanks for the encouragement! Let’s see how far we get…

Dumb question, is this only for multiple devices for 1 user, or it’s this and also for multi-users collaboration with nice permissions like (only share some notes with some users)?

that is the intention… although still far from ready for user testing

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