Rename Contents to Favorites

I just voted in the poll for Desk. I would also suggest “Home.” To me, Home implies a base location to make use of for whatever regular habits/uses one has.

The thing that I get confused a bit about some of the suggestions (e.g. favourites, contents, etc.) is that I feel like something would be automated about that page, like clicking elsewhere would automatically add a page link to it, or merely the act of creating pages elsewhere would automatically show them in this page. Whereas, if I understand correctly, it’s not doing that–it’s there for the user to decide what to put in it.

I would vote for Home too.
But I would vote also for adding to this area short explanation how it can be used (“pinned” pages, inbox, main MOC/index, workbench, dashboard and other uses), instead of placeholder “Click here to add a page, e.g. [[favorite-page]]”. Otherwise it will be always confusing for fresh users, IMO. Main area on is prepopulated with small tutorial, why not do the same to sidebar? You can easily remove text and have clear space after you read that.


I think both are true - the user decides what to put there, but actions taken on other pages (like manually marking the page ‘favorite’) will automatically add a link to the page in that section.

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Oh! Your comment just got me to re-examine how things work. I can’t imagine how I missed this (in spite of all these comments and the functionality in the tool)… somehow I completely overlooked that the Add to Contents (or whatever it will be called) menu item existed and does indeed do the sort of automation I was imagining. :slight_smile:

I strike my previous comment… maybe need to change my vote now.

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Personally I think the different wishes simply reflect the way different people intend to use it. Thus keeping one “standard term” for it but making the displayed name editable in order to show what’s living in there seems the best possible solution to me :slight_smile:
For myself I’m gonna literally use it as a table as contents (An ordered list of my core pages) - but like with anybody else that’s just me.

What confused me even more than the name itself, was the fact that the page is called “” but is displayed under “Favorites” in the sidebar.

Could they at least get the same name?


We made a favorite section and a left sidebar! Hopefully this clears up some confusion :smiley: