Rename system folders / Obsidian compatibility

I am using Logseq alongside Obsidian. My workflow is to use Logseq as my daily journal, idea capture and fleeting notes and Obsidian for processing, distillation and crystallization.

Everything has been working nearly perfectly and this combo is a dream come true.

The only thing that is in the way at this point is that I must change my Obsidian folder structure to match Logseq and thus I lose control over how I name and structure my folders.

It would be awesome if there was a setting in Logseq that enables you to change the filepaths for features such as ‘journals’ and ‘pages’

For example, in obsidian you can change the daily notes path in a setting like this:

Any improvements to Logseq-Obsidian interoperability would be amazing :slight_smile:

I also use the two programs together, and I am certainly in favor of anything that makes the setup smoother. But I don’t quite understand the above. Can’t you just put your whole Obsidian folder structure inside of ‘pages’? And what’s the problem with having journal pages inside of ‘journals’?

(see below)

in config.edn there are settings you can use :

 ;; Tell logseq to use a specific folder in the repo as a default location for notes
 ;; if not specified, notes are stored in `pages` directory
 :pages-directory "your-directory"

 ;; Tell logseq to use a specific folder in the repo as a default location for journals
 ;; if not specified, journals are stored in `journals` directory
 :journals-directory "your-directory"

Awesome thank you! That definitely helps a lot.

It would be amazing if we could do the same for /assets, /draws and /logseq.


Further, it would be great if the /logseq folder could be hidden by adding a period to it, which is how obsidian works.


I would like to extend this request. Can assets folder allow custom directories for each resource. For example some config like: /assets/$root-page/$date/$ext so if I drop a pdf in the page , it’s copied to folder /assets/toread/2021-08-01/pdf/. Having a flat estructure of assets is no fun when you have a lot of them.

Notice that you can select namespace pages to become folders. For example: root-page, subpage1, subpage2, …
This is for grouping assets by namespace.

I almost figured out a workaround:

I placed the logseq graph folder inside of my “Meta” folder in my obsidian vault.

The workaround, is that i used the following to set my journals directory:

:journals-directory “…/Tempo/Days”

So, this tells logseq to go up to the parent folder (outside of the logseq graph folder) and then drill down to my daily notes folder in obsidian.

This does successfully tell logseq to write new journals to this folder that exists outside of the logseq dir, but the problem is that it can’t read files from there…

If logseq could both read and write files that are outside of the root logseq directory, then that would mostly solve my problem.

Essentially what im trying to accomplish is to have the logseq graph folder in a subfolder of my Obsidian vault, but to have logseq and Obs share the same journals/dailys folder, which exists outside of the logseq root dir.

For example, my obsidian root is something like:

/Meta/Logseq (where my logseq graph is located)
/Tempo/Days (where my daily notes in obs are, and where i want logseq to read/write journals)

Not sure if enabling this functionality would be challenging.

LIke i said before, logseq can successfuly write to this directory, but it can’t read and index…

As a temporary solution, i opted to simply embed my logseq daily notes into my obsidian daily notes, using the following:

![[0 Meta/0.7 Logseq/journals/{{title}}]]

I have both my Logseq and Obs daily note titles set to YYYY-MM-DD, so any daily note in Obsidian that contains that snippet will embed the corresponding logseq daily note.

While this is a workaround, im actually liking the approach, as it keeps logseq as a clean and simple sandbox, while also integrating with obsidian… so this way, my logseq daily notes show in obsidian, but my obsidian daily notes dont show in logseq.


Nice setting.

It would be nice, that all settings would appear in default config.edn. (Don’t know how to solve it when a new config settings appears)

OTOH: I question if it is allowed to have one directory inside the other. My ideal setup will be:

:pages-directory "pages"
:journals-directory "pages/journals"

+1 for configure the assets folder.

Didn’t find this thread, opened this issue.

I know how untouchable might be an Obsidian folder structure… but…
What about removing as much folder structure as possible within your vault and defining the Journals Logseq folder as the main one in Obisidan for that too?

Ultimately, which tool do you use for the Journaling? Logseq or Obsidian? Both?
I started with Obsidian Journaling. It works fine for me, but I’ve been considering switching onto Logseq since it seems more time oriented.

In my case, I’m more concerned about Reference and Evergreen notes template structure and how to link the atomic block references from Logseq into them.

Could you show us how do you embed that into an Obsidian Daily Note? That is a link to a folder…?¿