Rewind and Fast forward key bindings while watching embedded youtube videos

I love that I can taek timestamps while watchign YouTube Videos! Its game changer!

One thing I noticed though is usually i listen / watch, realize I want to timestamp something and then the video is just past that point. I got two ideas here…

  1. Maybe allow us to set a back time. So if I hit timestamp it really timestamps 2-3 seconds back from the location I pressed it.

  2. Fast forward and rewind key bindings. It would be cool to hit a keybinding to rewind 5 seconds so I can timestamp the exact spot.

Right now I find myself having to move the slider around a bunch.

I was looking for the same feature. Found a plugin in this thread. It’s a game changer really. Play/pause youtube embed video using keyboard shortcut
The plugin is called helium

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