Right-Click and Copy as Rich-Text, Plain-text and More

Right click on a single block or an entire page to bring up option to copy the note or selection to the clipboard in either rich-text, plain, etc. for easier copying to a word document etc. for a report, essay, etc.

Totally agree. I want to be able to use Logseq to take meeting minutes and then easily copy it into an email to send to participants without all of the markdown syntax. It would also be helpful for copying full or partial tables.

Maybe a good option would be to enable highlighting text in document mode (t d shortcut) without jumping into editing mode. This would allow copying partial blocks as well. Or a “preview/render mode” like in Obsidian.

Have you looked at the current version? At least in version 0.2.6 you have an export feature if you right click on the bullet point.

Does this solve your request?

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