Copy and paste rich text

The world relies on rich text copy-paste. Tools like Gmail, Outlook, JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Word, Google Docs, Evernote, and most SAAS offerings are expected to support copying and pasting rich text including copying and pasting hyperlinks, text with emphasis, lists, etc. Without an equivalent feature, logseq feels like a walled garden, and one must scale the wall every time one wants to smuggle rich text info in or out.

One can create information in logseq, but it’s hard to get it out. It takes too long to right-click > export as HTML, copy plain text HTML into notepad, save it as an HTML document, open it in a web browser, then copy it from there … all to get rich text riddled with Unicode encoding mistakes.

One can copy information into logseq, but it’s also hard. One needs to use dedicated browser extensions to convert the web to markdown and copy that so it will paste properly in Logseq. This often means having to use one for copying tables, one for copying highlights, one for converting other HTML because no one tool does it all well, and most are rough around the edges. Many markdown converters rely on the fact that you can put HTML in markdown, and end up embedding massive amounts of unneeded and invisible HTML entities when all that’s needed is a subset - text, some links, and a few bullet points. More often than not, rather than clean up the dicey results of these extensions manually, one ends up resorting to copying plain text and freshly writing new markdown.

The discussion forum has many examples of people asking for related features:

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Being able to export as HTML is not an adequate substitute for copying rich text. Most users expect Logseq to play nice with respect to copy/pasting from/into other applications. At the very least, if hyperlinks, bold and italic were supported both ways, that would go a long way to making it easier to make logseq work with other applications.

The simple use case I hoped would work is copying bulleted lists from Google Docs into LogSeq, but it doesn’t expand it into bullets as I’d expect it to. Things like tables would be great, but support for lists would be splendid to start.

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Very much agree here. Being able to paste indented lists from rich text editors (word, google docs, outlook) and it respects the indentation would be very helpful. I spent quite a lot of time reformatting currently.

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If you copy text to Notion it comes across as intended. Then if you copy out of Notion you can paste it into most apps and the rich text sticks.

Annoying you have to do this but much less so than manually fixing indentation etc.

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I also need this feature as well. We usually need to post our EOD to slack. I’d like to write it in logseq and copy it to slack.

Give GitHub - usoonees/logseq-plugin-paste-more a try?

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This looks like for copying into LogSeq. 99% of the time i need LS to MS Word.

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I’m in the same boat: I just want to copy/paste plain text OUT of LogSeq.

Maybe it’s a bug, The “copy as” to text still leaves Markdown characters for Block Quotes = > and Code Snippets = ’ (maybe others, but these are the ones I have run into)

The checkbox’s for allowing/removing Brackets, and formatting work as expected.

This feature is also important to me. I was considering using Logseq to take notes for meetings, but many of the meeting agendas are shared by others in Rich Text. I did try the plugin as well, but unfortunately it still loses the formatting with multi-level lists. Back to OneNote (at least for this purpose)…

Since the latest version (0.7.2.) rich text should get pasted as rich text into Logseq.

In case this is not working, first check if you’re on 0.7.2. Still not working? Record a short video (Loom works best) and let me know via a reply to this message.

Thank you so much for your work on this! I have updated to 0.7.4. I can confirm that copying rich text out of Logseq does work. However, I have not been able to copy rich text into Logseq. I am using desktop version of Logseq on Windows 10, and have tried to copy rich text from multiple applications (Word, Outlook, Gmail), but the result in Logseq is just plain text. I have also tried to copy different kinds of rich text (bolding, italics, bullets, headers, etc.) None of it works. Please help!

Please log bugs at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub as that is monitored by our engineers (this forum isn’t).

Thanks. I got what I need through this plugin. :100: