Roam import (and potentially any paste event) should download and store images locally

Currently when you import things from Roam - logseq will display images, but they would be still stored on Roam servers.
Which works, but is quite fragile:

  • you can’t access those images offline
  • if you were to close your Roam account those images will break

On import download and store any referenced images locally in the vault (optionally retaining a reference to the original nearby).

I think it can be a good way to handle any images pasted in/linked by reference anyway (or maybe prompt users on this?). As allows for graph to retain full offline capability and helps with link rot.

I just imported my Roam graph to Logseq and transferred all the images by hand with a script. If there’s any interest I could package the script up for use by others.

I think that’d be great! Your comment prompted me to remember a tool that should crawl markdown documents and download/replace images within - GitHub - gunar/markdown-backup: Download remote images in markdown files and store them locally