Save the collapse state of a block

Hi everyone,

as some of my notes became pretty big and nested, I used to keep many nested blocks closed in Roam. This way, I could get an overview of a complex page structure much more easily.
It would be amazing to have an option to automatically save in the markup when a block is kept in its closed state.

Actually not just the collapse state, I also want logseq to save “recent page” state and the exact location of your last read in the recent page, so I do not need to scroll all the way down to it.


This would make sense, as it removes friction and mental load.

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Hey @lezuber, good to see you are also in the need for this great feature. For you and everyone else who is also really wanting this feature as well, I created a feature request for this here

Outlines Collapsed by Default - #3 by fixincomp

It’d be good if you guys can add your votes there, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: as well as share your thoughts on it there. let’s join votes and forces in one place to make sure we show how much we value this feature.

I mostly say this since that post has more votes right now and it’d be good to have the same requests together in one post


sure thing! totally missed your post!

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No worries, I do realise it’s phrased in a different way, but essentially the same thing. Good to know that you are after this too, it’s be amazing to have this feature available soon

Agree with many of the points here, persisting the collapsed state would make it a lot easier to find where you left off and orient yourself after navigating to different pages.

I kindly disagree that the two feature requests are the same. It might be nuanced but if folks want to help the logseq team it is important to think about these nuances and outline tradeoffs between competing approaches. Otherwise the logseq team will have to think through the details which undoubtedly creates more work.

In my opinion always collapsing subtrees is the wrong default. It creates the same kind of problems as not persisting collapsed state: you come back to a page that looks different than how you left it. To me that’s a clear loss in terms of usability and enabling people to use logseq efficiently.

EDIT Interestingly it seems that logseq does maintain the collapsed state under some circumstances.


These two requests you’ve mentioned are not the same thing.

One is: collapsed (always) by default
The other is: block state can be saved (either collapsed or expanded) and when you zoom in the block, it remains the state you changed last time (rather than “collapsed by DEFAULT”).

English is not my native language so please excuse the way I explain it.

Maybe you can check the folding/unfolding and zoom in/zoom out the mechanism of Workflowy, and you will immediately figure out how it differs from Logseq ---- and, I believe the way Workflowy works is more natural and convenient than how Logseq does. Thanks.

I 100% agree with this! ^^

I think the focus should be on saved states (preserving things how you left them).


Logseq has persisted the collapsed state of a block with the hidden block property collapsed for some time. Marking as done