Search results sort and display options

From GitHub #559

I often want to do things with search results that I can’t do in the current logseq search bar, such as:

  • sort the results by date created, date modified, or other metrics such as word count
  • search within search results using different terms
  • narrow down search results with filters
  • see matched search terms in a larger sentence or paragraph context

Describe the solution you’d like
Offer the option to open search results in a table like the all pages table. Let users customize what columns are shown in the table. Let users filter results by column, narrow down search by adding search terms, sort the table by column, etc.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Queries are an alternative, but very user-unfriendly for most non-programmers.

I have the same pain with you. Wasting much time finding the thing I want.
This is ridiculous since one of the goal the second brain has is to help human recall.

Remnote has better capability for search function among these apps.

:fire: This should be one of the TOP features for the team to work on.

I am still in the fortunate situation that I have not been feeding Logseq with information for so long and currently use it mainly for task management. That is, I can still manage with the search …

… BUT, it is only a matter of time until I have stored so much information in Logseq that the current search is no longer sufficient.

The improvement of the search (and, or, not, narrow down, filter) should be one of the top features under development (IMHO).

Thanks for the request


Especially sorting by number of linked references should be an option. It’s quite annoying searching for a term and finding all these results with no linked references showing above the block with 20 linked references.

Does anyone know if this issue is being worked on or is even on the roadmap? It is sorely needed!