Show partial matches for pages before exact matches for files, blocks

Right now if I have a page “my templates” and I type “template” I get a number of pages with an exact hit for “template,” followed by files with “template” in the title, followed by blocks with “template” in the block. No where does it show “my templates.” My feeling is that all pages which partially match the search result should be listed before showing files or blocks which are exact matches. If I want only exact matches I could put the search term in quotes to eliminate partial matches.

Perhaps Logseq could have a user-definable character that lets users set conditions on the current search, similar to the way quotes indicate an exact match. e.g. ! as the first character of a search might mean “list all page matches first, block matches after”.

I can imagine many other useful conditions that might be indicated in a similar way, such as “search blocks only”, “search on this page only”, date range specifications, etc.

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