Simple syntax for deep links to pdf documents

I like the ability to take notes along side pdfs in logseq, but the workflow can be a bit clunky when the pdfs are large documents or books. Sometimes I want to refer a specific page in a pdf and to do that right now I would have to 1) open the pdf, 2) navigate to the page (time consuming if the document is >100 pages), 3) create a highlight on the page, and 4) copy and paste the reference to that highlight in the note.

For large documents that are referred to frequently (like a book), usually one has a general idea of of the page to section to link to, so manually being able to type out the link to the pdf would greatly speed up the workflow. The above could be reduced to 1) step typing out a link with a syntax like:

{{pdf filename.pdf page:123}}

It would be faster to link to the page and edit the syntax to different pages this way. The pdf file could autofill previously attached pdfs. It could be extended to link to specific sections using the pdf’s table of contents (toc), which would make navigating and linking through large textbooks much easier, for example:

{{pdf filename.pdf toc:Organ Systems, Cardiology}}

For linking to sections, auto filling the toc names as the user types would be ideal also. One more thing, the ability to link to logseq pages from external apps is useful. With this type of pdf linking syntax it would be nice to deep link to pdf pages from externally also.

Many students still seem to use physical annotations in books and I believe one of the reasons is because the available software tools become slow and clunky with large numbers of annotations and/or large document sizes. Logseq seems relatively quick and I really think it could be the ideal one with improvements to the pdf page linking and navigation. I have tried many tools and most become too much of a hassle the more I annotate and add large documents.