Sort linked references chronologically

How can I make linked references sort in chronological order (with the most recent reference on top)? I thought Logseq did this automatically, so I could be missing something obvious.

e.g. I have a “ToCreate” tag for ideas I want to turn into writing content.

I just added the “ToCreate” tag to a block, but when I go to the ToCreate page, it’s buried in the middle of linked references instead of on top.

Ideally, I’d like the most recently tagged #ToCreate items on top of linked references.


+1 for this. I keep loosing things this way… and have to scroll/hunt up and down the list…

Alternatively, is there a query to run that would show only the most recently things tagged with a certain tag?

Curious if anyone has a solution to this?

It would also be useful to have different options for sorting linked references.
I’m using Monthly notes (like “2022-08”) and right now such monthly notes are sorted in a seemingly random order in the linked references. It would be great to have them sorted by file name.

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I’ve just moved to Logseq from Roam Research. About the only feature I’m missing is the ability to sort linked references, although this was done using the roamjs extensions (Sort References). I would love to know if there us anything similar as navigating the unsorted list of linked references is painful. Although the find-in-page makes it a little easier.

Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know I’ve added a feature request for this!

Please upvote here if you’d like to be able to sort linked references: Sort linked references