Static Queries in default journal

It would be great to have query in the default journal which shows all due/overdue tasks.
However it would also be great that, once created, the query doesn’t update. So that when I complete a task it shows in that days journal as completed that day.

That way I would be able to scroll back and see my progress.

If this is already possible, let me know!

Not sure exactly what you would want to happen?
Unless it is a repeating task, logseq doesn’t actually track when you marked something as completed.
So if that is the thing you are looking for, then indeed it is not possible right now.

You could always copy the block ref in your journal page as a workaround though. (and after that mark it completed). This way your journal would show your completed tasks.

Here’s a tricky way to achieve it - by full house templates - it “burns” the metric upon adding the template.
Not sure it this special full house template can be added automatically,
The 3rd link is how to add regular template automatically.
Worth to try adding inside regular template (that will be added automatically daily) , the special full house template, it might work.

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