Support saving namespace in the nested sub-directory

Hi all, while I was reading this awesome documentation of logseq, I was thinking that would it be a good idea to put the nested namespace into a separate corresponding nested subdirectory?

For example, when I create a page called book/1984 it would make 2 pages: book & book/1984, and the files would be saved into and However, would it be better if it would be stored in and book/, i.e. creating a folder called book?

I am worried that as my pages expand, searching through the large pool of pages md files would be cumbersome, especially when I sync the md with my phone. Thanks!


I’d be concerned that this might make refactoring namespaces difficult. I’d like flexible namespaces used to create note trees that can be easily refactored like they can be in Dendron. I’m not sure if putting them in sub-directories would make this process cumbersome or slow.