Sync directly with OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud

On iPad, other apps can read/write to my synced folders just fine once I gave them permission (for example iSH and SecureShellFish), logseq is the only one that doesn’t, so maybe this is going to be possible to add. :heart:
I realize that the app is relatively new.

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in iOS cloud services can expose a file provider. Then other apps (like Logseq) can use the file provider and then treat cloud access in the same way as a local file system.

You are right, other apps do this. Why not logseq?


Hi. I‘m syncing with Resilio Sync. Is there a technical reason why this folder doesn’t work? The only other app on my iPhone which refuses to use a Resilio Sync folder is, oddly enough, Obsidian.


I currently use Nextcloud to manage syncing between macOS, iOS, Windows, and Linux. This will probably not be relevant to most people since this setup requires a home server, but I figured I would outline it here incase people find it interesting.

To put it simply, I created my logseq graph in a folder on Nextcloud. I then installed the Nextcloud client on all of my devices.

Installing the Nextcloud app also allows you to browse it’s files in the iOS native files app like it’s a local drive, and this is what allows syncing to work.

When you install the logseq iOS app, you can use the iOS file picker to choose what directory to open. Here we just navigate to the Nextcloud drive, then to our logseq folder and open it.

This way we use Nextcloud as our database backend and leverage its syncing capabilities. This step can be repeated for Windows and MacOS as well.


I dont get it. How do you make a automatic sync? LogSeq uses a folder on “my phone”. How do you tell the ios nextcloud app to sync that local folder?

Apologies for the misunderstanding! I went back and double checked my setup and it looks like the Nextcloud iOS app doesn’t support opening a folder from the native files app.

Personally I use logseq as mostly a desktop app and the only logseq file I open on my phone is an org-mode file that I use for task management. If you use an org-mode task management app like beOrg, you can sync your tasks using Nextcloud+webDAV as the backend.

At the moment, if you want cloud sync to work, you will have to save your logseq graph directly to iCloud Drive and use the iOS file picker to open the folder. If you click on the browse tab at the bottom of the file picker, then click on the back button, the app will ask you if you want to use a location on your iPhone or on a cloud provider. From here you can select a folder in iCloud drive.

If you are still interested in Nextcloud support, not being able to select a folder is a known issue and heres the Github issue discussing it:

An alternative would be using Nextcloud’s built in webDAV server for syncing but that’s a little more temperamental. I was able to connect to my Nextcloud instance from the files app but was unable to get any of the files to actually load in the logseq file picker.

You can find more information about it here:

Hope this cleared up any misunderstandings!


thx for clarification. I had the icloud integration. But that setup sucks really hard. Every now and than (every 1-2 minute) you get an error for duplicate file. And than you have to clean up it manually. I do it now with git. On PC and Laptop it is easy. You can use “ctrl + shift + 1” and make and git push or git pull. On IOS you can use the “Working Copy” App there you can link a folder on the IPhone and use git pull and git push.

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I’m on iOS and I can’t select a folder via files from Nextcloud or Google Drive


In the meantime while this feature is not present yet, Google Drive work very well for me, see Reliability of non-real time automatic backup? Dropbox, Google Drive, Git - #5 by Yuri_BC

This thread is about iOS sync, and the iOS app cannot sync to Google Drive.

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Any idea how to solve this issue?

I have teh same problem. How did you solve it?

I have the same problem. I can sync with iCloud but sync with Google Drive and OneDrive not working. How i can fix it?

I have a Windows PC, a Linux PC and an iOS. I can only sync Logseq between Windows and iOS. No solution for Linux. (crying)
I would be happy with any of the followings: Google Drive, OneDrive, Synology Drive, Webdav… Whatever works on all the platforms.

As a longtime Logseq user of several minutes, I have successfully synced my Linux machines and Android phone through syncthing. I do believe there’s a version for Windows as well. Don’t know about iOS. Never used it.

An easy solution and good for po’ folk like me.

Well, that lasted two days. Sync is flawless, and yet Logseq can’t see a simple new page.

That’s crap.

how the hell are you syncing between Windows and iOS? iOS prettyy much forces me to only use iCloud for syncing Logseq.

You dont… it is an iOS limitation. The only way would be if Logseq Devs changed their syncing strategy to what Joplin uses for sync.

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Upvoting this feature request: especially for a method to sync graphs with NextCloud or pCloud ie WEBDAV.

I am aware of iOS limitations but Joplin found a way to work around that limitation and supports multiple methods of syncing.

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I was able to get around with this by just using iCloud for Windows installed on my PC and syncing it directly to there. For Linux, I’m not exactly sure what the method is, but iCloud sync works for my particular use case.