Sync directly with OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud


At least for the paid version, I consider a must to be able to connect web, desktop apps and mobile directly to the main 4 cloud services (on top of the local option) to have the files syncronized across multiple devices.

It is a much better option for the users than work only on local and then syncronize the files, since in many cases we are forced to use different platforms, where iCloud is not suitable for example, or as in my case, I use OneDrive as a personal service but a professional account at work. By doing the connection directly with the cloud provider, everything is perfectly syncronized across all the devices.

It would make the app perfect to work at home with my Mac, at work on a web browser and on mobile with my iPhone + iPad (or an android phone)

Please consider this solution as the best one for most of the users :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great application !!

I hope that Logseq can add the option for sync directly through Onedrive, which open-souce app Joplin has made Onedrive-Sync available across the platform.

With the new release of iOS app in the App Store, wanted to add another vote. I have similar reasons why iCloud isn’t an option. Would gladly be a beta tester for OneDrive or Dropbox (or some other sync approach).


Stronger support. Need other clouds for sync. I have a large database on my desktop app in the OneDrive.

I’m new to logseq - I use an iPhone plus an iMac and a PC. I can’t figure out how to connect all three (which is a pain in the neck). Would really appreciate being able to sync between all three or Dropbox / OneNote too.

I’m another iPhone/iPad/Windows user who uses OneDrive as my primary file storage since it works across these platforms. +1 for OneDrive / OneDrive for Business support.

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A challenge of which cloud provider to use will come up. Some in this thread mention OneDrive, I generally use Google Drive, and many others will use Dropbox, etc. To support them all will be a mammoth task. To support just 1 will only serve a subset.

Personally, I use Syncthing, which works great for me, but is a bit more complex than the more common options. Additionally, there is no native iOS client (I’m not an iOS user), due to iOS limited capability to share Syncthing files to another app that isn’t the Files app.

Perhaps to get more at the root of the problem. Why is the existing local folders which can then be synced by the OndDrive, Dropbox, Syncthing, clients not good enough? How can that be improved?

If LogSeq is to provide a cloud sync, I think it should be their own, rather than a particular existing one. Another app, (renamed to LegendApp) started by utilising Google Drive as their backend storage. They then migrated to Firebase due to issues in doing what they needed to do. For the long term view are those generic fileshare options the right ones? What if you want to do pub/sub for notifications? What if you want to do automations on schedules without needing LogSeq running somewhere?

Just some thoughts. I’m not trying to dissuade cloud sync here, but raise how it can be a challenging choice.

Relevant Trello

@MeasuredTiredness have you personally made SyncThing work with logseq on iOS? From what I can tell logseq cannot “see” the SyncThing folder. It only sees it in iCloud or on its own access to the file system.

Would be happy to poke into this more if anyone has actually made it work!

I’d like to be able to sync on Synology Drive, as opposed to one of the major public cloud storage providers, for privacy reasons. I don’t know how this is implemented in logseq, but seems like it should be possible if it’s just using a folder as it’s presented on iOS (or whatever platform).

+1 on Google drive. It’s where all of my work related notes lives and I’m using Logseq for this purpose