Syncing files breaking linked references

I’m currently using Obsidian and LogSeq together. I’ve noticed however that if I edit a journal file on one machine then as soon as Obsidian Sync copies the file over to the other machine then the journal page updates on screen but all linked references disappear and any tasks in my query section because they were tagged with this day suddenly disappear from the query results. If I re-index they all come back. Is the sync changing some key value that the linked references rely on ?

Have you followed the steps outlined here? Especially the two related to page naming left in the comments (by twelvety and myself) ? Once I did that most of these issues disappeared for me.

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I had already set the Obsidian daily note format to match the defailt in LogSeq. However, changing the page-name-order setting in LogSeq to file seems to have solved the problem.

Thanks very much for the tip.

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