Tables rowspan and colspan

Is there any way (or any plugin) that gives us more power for tables.

For example, I’d like to use colspan and rowspan, but without having to use the <table> HTML tag (it’s too verbose and difficult to read and use).

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  1. GitHub - haydenull/logseq-plugin-markdown-table: Logseq markdown table editor.


  1. That plugin doesn’t have the functionality to merge rows/columns
  2. You can’t use colspan/rowspan or merge rows/columns with the markdown generator, you can with the HTML, though. Thanks!
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Note: This question remains unsolved. The online table generator still makes “ugly” and almost unreadable code appear when you try to edit the line where the table is located.

Any update here? I really need the cell merge function

Perhaps we should create a thread in “Feature requests”