Task notifications

When adding a task or todo with a date(time) and it’s due, the app should send a notification

Would love to receive iOS notifications!


Would love a electron/window notification. Or this exposed in the logseq plugin API so this can be implemented thru plugins.

This is already doable from the plugin api.

Which function in https://plugins-doc.logseq.com/ are you having in mind @Aryan ? The only one I see are opening notification from logseq itself, rather than at OS-level as you would expect from a system notification.

None of those actually. Logseq can use regular web notification apis.

Like window notification.

Important to have push notifications everywhere!

ClickUp does this well. With granular settings to control what types of notifications will be sent where.
Maybe logseq could go further, settings for ‘when’ could be also made possible (do not disturb hours etc).

  • Native phone notifications (Android/IOS…)
  • web browser notifications
  • native electron to desktop notifications (Windows/Linux…)

ps. For me, not having push notifications and a working Google calendar view of logseq tasks prevents me from leaving my task management software (ClickUp)


Hello to all I really need to have the mobile-desktop notifications for any todo task or reminder for this application to use it everyday…I am not a IT expert in any way so I do not know how to make it operating in windows and on android phones I do not see any option to make it happend. Can you explain a little more??

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For me this feat will be a game changer

@Aryan Could you elaborate on this? Would this work offline? Has anyone implemented this already?