The left shortcuts bar

Hi there, the big UX thing Logseq doesn’t have is the left bar on which we can put shortcuts (see Roam / Athens). Is there any reasons for that ? Is such a left bar planned for some day ?

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Hello Limezy, thank you for joining the Discourse and for your post.

There is a feature request for what you are after (or something similar) here:

I would love to see a left hand sidebar similar to that of Roam, Athens, Obsidian etc. as I think a lot of ease of use can come out of having one, such as:

  • Having a shortcuts section (appreciate this is in the Contents of the right sidebar but sometimes I just want easy and quick access),
  • Seeing all your notes at a glance
  • Clicking on your pages easily

Hopefully this is implemented soon.


I agree that a left sidebar where to put favorites/shortcuts makes a huge difference.
It may seem silly, but it is the only reason preventing me transitioning to Logseq, I need that structure visible there and being able to move quickly to the important parts of my database.