Tie Themes to Graphs

I suggest that when you deploy a theme you assign it to a graph instead of the whole app.

this would allow yo to have different styles and setup depending on witch Graph your working, The theme the can both be helpful indicator that your putting the information into the correct Graph and it would allow you to set up specialized themes for project that would otherwise interfere to much with general use.

I was thinking the same thing. It’s confusing and easy to make a mistake when you can’t see which graph is selected.

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There’s already a distinction between graph for keybindings so I suppose the mechanism is already there. Maybe there’s a way to do it already? I find it strange to have a distinction between keybindings (which is quite irritating) but not for themes (which, to me, makes much more sens).

Edit custom.css

It is possible to use custom CSS of the graph to override the current theme.


  • Each graph can have its own custom CSS
  • You can use @import to get different plugin themes for different graph as explained here


  • Not a friendly solution for people who don’t know CSS
  • The custom CSS will likely not be compatible with different theme (plugin theme)

How to do

  • Go to settings, (In general tab) Edit custom.css
  • Add to custom css:
    • Use the inspector (ctrl+i) to find the things you want to change and write them in custom.css
    • Import a custom theme at the top of custom.css
  • Do this for each graph you want to modify the theme


For the Cappucin Latte, here’s how to change the background color:

:root {
  --ctp-primary-background-color: #85c6ff;

Where “#85c6ff” is an hexadecimal color and “–ctp-primary-background-color” a variable used in Catpuccin (so this will not work with another plugin theme).