TODO / DOING - how to use this? Where are other statuses?

I cannot find any documentation on task statuses.
What is the process behind them and how to use it?

Current behavior. I set TODO, when click it, it becomes DOING and starts a timer…
Well, what if just want to mark that I’m working on a project/task w/o any timers? Is there IN PROGRESS status or something? READING status for a book? Then FINISHED, without striking out to word?
Because now if I check the checkbox, it strikes out the text and status disappears. If I uncheck it, a new status turns into LATER, then if I click it, it switches to NOW.

Could someone point me out to a description of this pretty confusing status play?
Can I customize it?

Have you already checked the official documentation? Let me know if something isn’t clear.


Oh, thanks. I couldn’t find it. I was using the Search feature, entered TODO there, but it was not clear what result should I pick from the search results. One needs to get used to the search.

When I make a task either NOW or DOING, Logseq shows me an extra block with all these tasks.
It also showed timer but I disabled it.
How can I disable those blocks NOW-blocks? They just repeat what I already see on the page. And I may have dozens of hobbies, tasks and projects and it’s gonna show them all?

Is there a way to configure my concise and clear set of statuses that I can just cycle-through?

Join the party: Add support for customisable TODO keywords