Tooltip (context menu?) suddenly disappeared

Hey! I’m on Mac, M1 chip, MacOS Ventura 13.4.1. Logseq version 10.

I was taking notes on the journal page, from a video playing on a tab in Brave, and when right-clicking (two-finger click), I was able to see the context menu that would help with basic markdown, but also show e.g. “Copy lin ref” command.

Then, I have idea what happened, but on the next paragraph, I’m no longer able to ivoke this context menu! Instead, I get the below:

Can anyone help how to get the tooltip back? I’m not ever sure it’s called “tooltip” in Logseq, but I have this option checked in settings just in case.

Have you checked this?

Yes, I actually find it today and I anted to delete my question, I couldn’t figure out why :slight_smile: But thank you, that is very helpful. And simple, after all, haha!