Unable to delete a page

Hello, Logseq 0.10.8 has no option to delete a page.
I’m in the Journal and have a page created.
Also the left column shows RECENT pages → right click → no delete option.

Please help.

You are supposed to delete through right-clicking on the title of the page. Alternatively:

  • go to All pages from the left sidebar and delete the respective page from there
  • go to the folder of your graph and delete the respective markdown file from there
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Thank you, I tried all sorts of different things.

I need to reopen this post.
After right clicking and deleting unwanted pages, if I close and reopen Logseq 0.10.8, these erroneous pages appear:
multi word link needs hashtag and double square brackets

This makes the Graph view quite messy showing these unwanted pages.

I’m guessing they might be sourced from my wanted page: Knowledge base logseq.
Perhaps I need to lookup an escape character, that won’t make the text example a page?

  • Generally, the escape character is the backslash \ .
    • But if you are working with code, should rather use backticks, e.g.:
      some `[[escaped]]` text like `#hashTagForSingleWordLinks`
  • Don’t expect much from the Graph view.
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Thank you, that helped and now the Graph View is clean.