Unified Commands Interface for Slash Commands, Command Palette, and Keyboard Shortcuts

It would be a big improvement to unify the slash commands and command palette interfaces so that they both brought up the same list of commands. It’s frustrating that some commands only appear in one of the two places, and very often plugins are written so that a custom command only appears as a slash command.

This feels like a problem that is only going to be exacerbated as Logseq gets more complex and strikes me as something that would be a high priority for fixing.

Is there any reason to keep this functionality the way it is?

Additionally, it would be very nice to be able to customize shortcuts (as you can in the “Customize shortcuts” settings menu) from the Command Palette. I personally would see that as a much lower priority than merging the slash commands and command palette functionalities, but would really raise Logseq’s UX game in my opinion.

Great feature request! +1

Currently it’s a bit confusing, especially in the beginning as people might think “Oh… I can’t do that!?”

Also being able to edit shortcuts from the command palette would be super handy

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I only knew about slash commands…what’s this command palete you speak of?

It’s a popup command menu triggered by ctrl+shift+p (or cmd+shift+p). It’s quite similar, hence the request to merge the two functionalities.

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