Thoughts on Logseq vs Obsidian

Just wanted to chime in and record my thoughts on what I think are some of the important relative strengths and weaknesses that differentiate Logseq and Obsidian at this point. I used Obsidian for several months and then switched over to Logseq once it became clear that the latter was maturing and becoming more user-friendly with the addition of plugins and other improvements. The way I see it:

LOGSEQ has a fundamentally more logical philosophy when it comes to organizing information. Block-based organization is more flexible and powerful than page-based organization, which always felt like a half-measure. It also allows information to be more easily organized and manipulated in non-hierachical layouts. Namely I am thinking of the ability to edit transclusions in place. This is one one the key features that sets Logseq apart. It approximates a truly non-hierarchical layout that would allow blocks to have multiple parents/exist in multiple places-- a feature in Trillium Notes, Leo Editor, and Roam (or so I’m told, I have never used Roam).

OBSIDIAN has a better overall user experience, especially with respect to commands and customization. To some extent this is to be expected since it is the older app with (I think?) a larger user base. Obsidian allows the average user make broad modifications to their user experience. For Logseq users, unless they are willing/able to write plugins, customization is clunky and may start to break things. There seem to be some concrete steps that can be prioritized to address these issues:

Taking these steps would go a long way in terms to simplifying the Logseq experience for both users and plugin coders.

As it stands, I am sticking with Logseq for now because I believe the issues with it are going to be easier to address. But I often find myself frustrated and looking for other tools. If either Logseq or Obsidian addressed any of the issues above, it would seriously affect my calculus in terms of choosing a daily organizational tool. Everything else is peripheral.