Upper-/lowercase link to page should display in the case it's written

When referencing wiki-linked pages Logseq doesn’t care about upper or lowercase, but will default to the case of the page, which is annoying when typing a wiki-linked page in a sentence, where I would use lower-case, vs. typing at the beginning of a sentence where I would use uppercase.

[[Cooking]]. I've created a [[cooking]] page.

Logseq will display as,
Cooking. I've created a Cooking page.

What I would like instead,
Cooking. I've created a cooking page.

Obviously maintaining that the links (upper- / lowercase) still refer to the same page.

Hi, this seems to be a duplicate of Respect lowercase page link, when page title is capitalized . As it already has some votes, I would appreciate if you add your one as well :slight_smile: Let’s hope this gets recognized by developers.

Btw: I have no idea, why other thread is not found when using the forum search with “case” …


Thanks for pointing it out! I’ve added my vote now. Yeah, strange I did attempt to find if it had been posted. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: because it’s really disturbing the reading flow.