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This is still a request about the Hook(Hookmark now), I know <Deep Linking or URL Scheme / Allow linking to Logseq pages from outside the app> has already talked about it before, and I used this feature (click on the 3-dot menu and then select “Copy page URL”) sometimes, but it still not good enough, inconvenient.

in this conversation, I noticed that logseq already has a feature request that can meet the needs of hooks, but it has just not been merged into main.

Does anyone have permission to add this feature to the next version of logseq? There are thousands of people in the Hook community waiting for this feature for a year.

Hook + Logseq = :heart:


I knew this feature that can meet the Hook’s needs also, and better than click on menu.
but this probably even better for Hook, and It might just take someone to click the “Merge pull request” button.


(I’m a Hookmark co-founder.) It would be very good if the API would provide:

  1. the URL of the selected item or document, and
  2. the name for the selected item and/or document

That would let users of this automation easily form a complete link (name and URL).

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By the way, there is a general case for the importance of hyperlink automation in the
Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking, which was originated by 24 people (developers, professors and influencers). It has been signed by many other people since then, and is still open for signing. The Hookmark website also has a page on What’s a Linkable App and Why Does Linkability Matter?


I’m a user of both Hookmark and Logseq and would thoroughly support any proposal to enable deep linking to blocks within a Logseq document; it would be a great value to me and, I suspect many others who want to create structured commentaries on external files — typically PDF.

Presently, if you use a deep link capable PDF reader, Hookmark can put a markdown link to a phrase in the PDF onto the clipboard, which you can then paste into a Logseq document. When the link opened, Logseq will follow it, Hookmark is opened behind the scenes and it tells the PDF reader to at the right place. Because Hookmark uses (?inodes) in its references, it doesn’t even matter if the file’s been moved.

That’s good for going from notes to source, but the reverse is needed as well — to navigate from a point in the PDF to the notes I have made.

To make this a little clearer, an example: I am undertaking contractual due diligence for a client. There are several contracts, all with indemnity clauses (ie promises to pay money if certain events occur). I make notes on each contract, each in a separate Logseq file, one block per contract clause and including a block for the indemnity clause. Logseq is great at letting me pull all the blocks about indemnities in all the contracts together, I just have to tag the relevant notes with ‘# Indemnity’. I can — as described — embed a link in the block that will open the contract at the relevant place, but what I can’t do is open the note from the contract.

The Logseq → contract PDF link is most useful during due diligence, but the revere is way more useful in the long term. A question arises (several years) later, what did I say about that clause of that contract?

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This would be very beneficial. I just moved from Obsidian to Logseq for my daily notetaking. Still using Obsidian for longer form writing. But this missing feature actually makes me wan’t to go back to Obsidian since it is so incorporated in my daily workflow. I use it to quickly grab a link into either my task manager (Things 3) or Calendar or some completely different place. Please add this functionality!

@Kullenej you use Hookmark with Obsidian, or Obsidian has the functionality built in?

I guess this feature is not a priority and requersted by many users — it seems almost done, but I have seen no movement.

Is there a bounty system or something similar we could post to speed it up?