Using logseq to set up a mushroom cultivation operation

Hello I have used logseq as a diary and for work but I noticed that it could be used to set up some kind of traceability system or at least that is my hypotheses. I am currently setting it up, the idea is that you could follow the growth of the mycelium strain until the fruting body formation through its various stages, eating up different substrates. If anyone is interested in seeing how that goes, please be in touch. I also have a lot of questions as to how you would go about it. Especially on how to leverage properties to be able to tell a story every now and then on how the operation is going. Thank you for any recommendations. Christophe

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  • I find your hypothesis quite intriguing.
    • Unfortunately:
      • I don’t know about mushrooms.
      • I’m not following your terminology.
    • Yet I understand that:
      • this is not limited to mushroom cultivation
      • could apply to any operation
  • Some initial advice:
    • remotely relevant thread: How to leverage Logseq’s linked structure?
    • make a serious effort
      • even a project in itself
      • before keeping a journal on the growth
      • put in place a robust model of the participating concepts
        • This is:
          • the context within which the journal will tell its stories
          • where most:
            • properties will go to
            • leveraging will come from
        • You will revise it many times while using it.
          • It does not have to be:
            • perfect
            • complete
        • It can:
          • early on:
            • provide orientation
          • later:
            • as your graph gets bigger
            • save much:
              • time
              • frustration