View as numbered List

Sometimes it is useful to view the outline as an ordered list.

I propose a feature that allows you to ‘View as Numbered list’ when you right-click on a block. When this happens all child blocks are automatically numbered. They are likewise renumbered if blocks are moved up or down.

This feature already exists in Roam so I’m posting screenshots here for clairty.




I agree, this will be awesome! Especially for students or anyone learning different procedures / processes. Any chance ordered lists will be supported once Logseq adopts a more standard flavour of Markdown <ol> and <ul>?

linking a temporary workaround in css while waiting for a real implementation: [css] numbered lists


(would be nice to have a hotkey for this, also)


If this is implemented (I hope so!) it should perhaps also be a general setting, meaning that user can choose to have all blocks on new pages appear in numbered lists instead of bullet lists.

+1, I used this in roam quite a lot + would make logseq play more nicely with Obsidian.

One other thing that annoys me about the current implementation:

  • When starting a block with “1.”, hitting enter doesn’t create a new block but “2.” in the same block.
  • This is the same behaviour whether the cursor is at the beginning of the block or at the end of the block
  • This is very different from regular blocks, which create a new block below (cursor EOL) or a new block before (cursor at beginning of line)

The current numbered list behaviour, as described above, is very frustrating! Would love to see this changed.

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