Web annotation / higlights via text fragments

I’d love to see a native web highlighter with similar ux as the pdf annotation system or the video annotation system :

  • open any website on a left pane or insert an iframe with a webpage url
  • highlight and copy references via a right click menu or highlighter to a logseq page (copy the text and turn it into a link, similar to the ‘copy link to highligh’/text fragments from Chrome 90+)

PS : Chrome introduced ‘Text Fragments’ since v90 via the copy link to highlight right-click menu : basically one can select any part of a web page, right click and ‘copy link to highlight’ to get an url in that format : https://www.trebuchet-magazine.com/harry-lange-space-odyssey/#:~:text=Lange%E2%80%99s%20work%20for%20the%20military%20and%20his%20future%20projects%20designs%20for%20NASA%20made%20him%20a%20perfect%20fit%20for%20Kubrick%E2%80%99s%20ambitious%20new%20project.
clicking on the link opens a web browser with the saved url and it highlights the text fragment.
so in logseq, instead of opening a browser window, it would scroll to the text fragment from the iframe ?

here’s mockup with a browser on the left side, using Chrome’s ‘copy link to highlight’
obviously, it would require a way to extract the text from the link to highlght, and then instead of opening a web browser tab, it would scroll the page from the logseq browser pane or the iframe ?

I would also love to see this - see the similar thread here.

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Came here to suggest the exact same thing, including the use of the text fragment api.


For me Omnivore.app and its Logseq plugin worked well enough for this use case: you can highlight and annotate portions of articles and import everything as Logseq blocks, tags and Markdown syntax included.

And what if the article changes or ceases to be available?

I guess similar to PDF Annotation. Text would remain in Block however it won’t link to the article back on clicking.

Perhaps it would be better to do something like Omnivore o Pocket and “crawl” the important text and save it, leaving the option to keep the original…

Nevertheless, I would use a “wayback machine plugin” to fix all my links in place, as they can disappear whenever